A Question of Legitimacy In Psychic Readings

Signs & PortentsPsychic readings have maintained their popularity over the ages. The individuals who offer these readings for a fee based schedule typically operate out of storefronts. Although, in the past these individuals have been associated with circus acts as well as gypsies.The specific readings are a fun way to elaborate on what individuals most want to know. It is believed that this form of service is based in scientific methods, many still hold fast that there is no evidence to point to this.

Is It Science?

The psychic reading is a way that one individual uses their senses to read another individual and their future (sometimes past as well). These readings can entail the use of sight, sound, touch, and instinct. The most popular and well known of these is the use of vision.

Clairvoyance is the most prominent way that the general public assigns to psychic readings. The reader sits at a table and then tells the individual all they know about them through looking into a crystal ball or through the use of tarot cards. With amazing accuracy the reader tells of past experiences and loves, who the person is and what is in store for their future. But is this really science?

When scientists have attempted to replicate these readings and visions in a laboratory setting, they have failed. No evidence in the scientific realm points to he human capacity for psychic abilities.

Public Acceptance

The lack of ability to substantiate the existence of clairvoyance (or other psychic abilities) does not sway the public from their deeply rooted belief that this is legitimate. Many swear by this ‘science’ ad even point to such things as astrology and numerology to prove that it is scientific in nature.

There are many other sectors of psychic ability that also point to some form of mathematical or scientific knowledge as their core base. Numerology is based on numbers, their sequences and the probability that certain factors will affect them. Astrology is based on the planets, how they align and how the forces of gravitational pull affect them.

Village PsychicPalm reading is another way that many divine about the future. This form of psychic reading entails viewing the lines that exist on the palm of the individual. Depending on their form and shape, the reader decides what the future will hold for that person. This is a very popular form of reading. Many hire palm readers for parties and prenuptial bashes.

Here to Stay

While many think this is a form of rip off, others truly believe that legitimate psychic readings actually do exist. Thousands of dollars are spent in the pursuit of individuals to solve their deepest fears and worries about their future endeavors.

Is this a form of entertainment or is it a legitimate ‘science’? Maybe the answer to this question lies more in the heart of the individuals judging this form of vision. What is truly at issue here is not whether psychic readings can be replicated in a lab, but rather whether or not the individual paying for them truly believes what they are being told.